Poster Presentations

#101: Wendy Chen, Department of Geography, University of Hong Kong - “Urban forest development in China: natural endowment or socioeconomic product?”

#102: Eyob Tenkir and Mekonnen Biru - “Peri-urban forests as refugium for indigenous tree species: a case of Ethiopia”

#103: Susan Aaron, Artist - “Embodied Spaces”

#104: Eric Amoadu-Boateng, Trade Unionist, Ghana - “From Government to Governance: Redefining politics”

#105: Anastasya Koshkin - “Between Nature and Civilization”

#106: Nurcan Atalan-Helicke, Jordan Chang, Amy Durland, Joshua Inaba and Tera Johnson - “Service Learning and Urban Forests”

#108: I. O. Lawal, Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria and F. D. Babalola, University of Ilorin - “Indigenous Knowledge of Plant Conservation in Yoruba Natural Healing Practice Among People of Ilugun, Ogunstate - “A Step Further for Biodiversity Panacea through Urban Tree Culture”

#109: Charlotte Young, Facilitator/Evaluator/Graphic Recorder, ENVision…synergy - “Working Within and Across Disciplines: Introduction to Skills for Collaborative Problem Solving”

#110: Eric Davies, PhD Student, Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto - "Using Global Species Pools to Build Urban Tree Lists: A New Tool for Urban Forestry"

#111: Ilze Jankovska, Inga Straupe, Forest Faculty, Latvia University of Agriculture - “Use of a choice experiment to evaluate urban forest landscape recreation benefits in Riga, Latvia”

#112: Alex Copp - “Applying Socio-Ecological Systems Theory to Ottawa's Urban Forest: What influenced the street-scape monoculture of ash?”

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