Tree Inventory and Assessment Project

Toronto District School Board


The Toronto District School Board (TDSB), in partnership with the Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto, has been conducting a tree inventory and assessment of their school grounds since 2004. With over 5,000 acres, the TDSB is the largest school board in Canada and the 5th largest board in North America.

Some of the objectives of the project include shade provision for students; elimination of potential hazards in play areas; energy savings; and curriculum links. The TDSB Tree Inventory and Assessment Project identifies which species are growing, evaluates their growing conditions and determines their potential for success. For the attribute data collection, the Neighbourwoods© method was used and in order to collect the spatial data for the trees a GIS component was also added to the inventory protocol.

Each year students from the Faculty of Forestry collect more information to add to the growing database. To date, we have compiled data for 494 schools and over 30,000 trees. Click here for photos.

Papers by MFC students based on the TDSB Inventory Project

  1. 2004.A Tree Inventory Management Plan for the Toronto District School Board. By Adrina Bardekjian Ambrosii. Basis for the Tree Inventory and Assessment Project for the TDSB. Step-By-Step Manual for data collection.

  1. 2005.Increasing Canopy Cover in Asphalt and other Hard Surface Treatments. By Justin Morgenroth.

  1. 2006.Hidden Treasure of the Toronto District School Board: the Trees. By Franklin Suh.

  1. 2007.Exploring the Socioeconomic, School Board and School Specific Factors Affecting the Urban Forest on Properties of the TDSB. By Angus McAuslan.

  1. 2009.Exploring Applications of a Tree Inventory Database as a tool for the Toronto District School Board Grounds Division. By Brian Volz.

  1. 2011.Evaluating EcoSchools on Sustainable Sites Initiatives (SSI). By Sivajanani Sivarajah.


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Tree Inventory Stats as of 2011

Photo by Adrina Bardekjian